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How AI Will help you land your next job

As of 2023, the market value of the artificial intelligence sector was over $200 billion, and it is expected to exceed 1.8 billion dollars by 2030. This demonstrates the sector's recent high adoption rate, despite its novelty. It is constantly changing the way companies in various sectors function and

Artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency and the future of work

Friends,  We have entered an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency supercycle. Amidst this radical movement, we are seeing a new defining narrative of the 21st century headlined by the AI revolution. For the past 22 months, Artificial Intelligence and its applications have sparked innovations, upended sectors, and raised questions about

Welcome Enterprise-Level Service Provider AIFCO to OpenTaskAI!

As OpenTaskAI continues to grow rapidly with an increasing number of freelancers, we are thrilled to welcome a new enterprise-level service provider — AIFCO! About AIFCO: Founded in 2019, AIFCO is an IT services company dedicated to AI solutions and technical training. The team comprises experts from prestigious institutions and companies

OpenTaskAI Alpha 1.0 Version Feedback Optimization Summary

We have successfully gathered valuable feedback from a small-scale GIG survey and are very satisfied with the quality of submissions and engagement around the current features. While some processes and tools need refinement, we believe we are on the right track and are committed to further facilitating the convenience of

OpenTaskAI 1.0 Version Launches on April 10th!

After extensive testing and refinement, the OpenTaskAI 1.0 version is set to launch on April 10, 2024! We strive for perfection, aiming to provide users with a smoother experience. We invite all freelancers and clients in need to join OpenTaskAI at: The new version release includes:

How to Register on OpenTaskAI — PC Version

This tutorial is designed specifically for users who are new to OpenTaskAI. It aims to help you smoothly register and access all the features OpenTaskAI offers. Let’s get started! 1. Prepare a Wallet and Email: * Before starting, please ensure you have a Web3 wallet and a valid email address.

How I write high-quality blog articles in 10 minutes using AI

AI-Assisted Creative Process by OpenTaskAI Collaborator Jalen Meet Jalen, an AI freelance partner with OpenTaskAI, specializing in enhancing your blog and article writing.  Want your blog or articles to stand out? Aiming for higher SEO rankings on Google? With years of writing expertise, I offer optimal solutions for all your