Meet Our Dynamic Team at OpenTaskAI:

  • Jack, CTO: Brings over 15 years of experience in blockchain and AI research and development. Led innovative projects and demonstrated expertise in diverse technologies from e-commerce to big data processing.
  • ZX, CFO: Has over 5 years of experience in proprietary trading and risk control, with a significant role in internal auditing at SPAC.
  • Bruce Shiu, CSO: Former CEO of BTHMB Singapore, known for his visionary strategy in blockchain innovation and market expansion.
  • Diemo Li, CBO: Specializes in European operations and business development, with a focus on AI and healthcare.
  • Shirley Yu, Head of Marketing in Europe: Doctoral candidate with a rich background in computer science, contributing to breakthroughs in computational algorithms and leading multiple research projects.

Warm greetings from the OpenTaskAI team! We hope you create more works at OpenTaskAI, realizing your self-worth. Remember, no matter where or when, we always welcome your arrival!