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Our mission is to enable more people in the world to fully display talents and achieve self-worth with AI tools

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In the past few years, we've been using AI every day and often wonder, "What else can we do if AI takes over?"
Our designers use AI to draw, engineers use GPT to write code, and Shirley chose machine learning, hoping not to be replaced too soon. This question makes us feel anxious.
After talking about it, we decided: Humans should never compete with AI in doing things.
AI is good at drawing, solving problems, and creating content, but the reasons behind these tasks come from real human needs. Let AI provide answers and think about why we do things and what results we expect which are somethings only humans can do.
So, even if two people use GPT to write the same article, the results will be different. AI tools just add differences between people; they're not meant for any specific person.
“Focus on what people are good at, and leave the rest to AI”
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Trade, or valuable exchange, is a crucial part of the economy. It meets people's needs and boosts the flow of buying and selling, which is vital for the development of the economy. At the same time, trade drives sales on the supply side, creating job opportunities. As the market grows and more transactions happen, it helps increase employment, making people a key factor in the economic development of society.
AI as a tool can not only optimize and enhance the functioning of existing careers, but also generate a large number of new jobs for more people. We shouldn't be confused by its technology. Instead, we should understand that we are all leaders and enablers of this technology, using it to advance human civilization together.
Why we build OpenTaskAI
OpenTaskAI was born out of the idea that Artificial Intelligent technology should be at the service of people. Although we all know the efficiency and automations of AI, there is a gap between business demands and technical talents.
We're determined to close this gap, Just as we entered the AI age, making it possible for businesses to be handled more efficiently by skilled professionals using AI tools. This boosts the huge value for our society. Our goal is not only to connect buyers and sellers for effective exchanges but also to help AI technology grow sustainably. We want to bring benefits to more people and help them achieve self-worth.
We focus
AI experts can help people around them through their AI skills, even if they use AI modeling to repair the superhero image in the heart of 5-year-old child, AI experts can get emotional value realization from helping others around you.
For most middle-aged people who encounter pressure and difficulties in the workplace, they go to more places to find their own value, and do part-time jobs in the original occupation, which is recognized by customers, proving that they can obtain the corresponding value through efforts.
There is also a special group of people with special psychological factors, such as social phobia, people who can not communicate with people face to face, or because of physical disability can not go out to work vulnerable groups, online work has become the best shelter for everyone.